Misc. GIFs

Random GIFs I've stumbled across for future use.

Calculation Negation

Cat mathing hard on a jump, only to fail and bin itself.

No Safe Path

Cat trapped in corner of filled bath, ultimately concluding with a half hearted and regretted jump into the water.

Nope Bird

Bird shaking head as if to say 'no'.


Yes this is a gif of a gif, the original was lost.

A dilapidated terrece house collapsing while someone attempts to saw one of the supports.

"Multi Core"

1 guy out of 4 with CPU number annotations break dancing with progressively growing intensity, until a shirt flys off with rapidly increasing temperature annotations overlaid. Finally a Windows BSoD appears.

Almost Done

Bart Simpson says "I think he's almost done" while Homer charges at his horrific BBQ pit building attempt with an umbrella.

Escape Pod

Mr Burns panics and runs for an escape pod hidden behind a concealed panel.

Nope Shrubs, Casually

Abe Simpson exiting a hedge, hanging his hat on the hedge, turning, putting his hat back on, and finally returning to the hedge.

On Your Own

Santa's Little Helper from The Simpsons slinking out through the small gap in the open car window.

Otter Fury

Anime otter launching into an attack.